Ice Dippers
Code of Conduct

  1. Ice Dippers events are inclusive and open to everyone. It is not an exclusive or private club. Any form of discrimination, exclusion or agression will not be tolerated.
  2. Ice Dippers events take place in public spaces and are public events. Ice Dippers cannot prevent onlookers or guarantee privacy.
  3. As Ice Dips are public events, we have an opt-out photo policy. If you do not want to be in Photos, please approach the Photographer and explicitly make this clear.
  4. Ice Dippers events are not nudist events. Some people choose to dip naked, but this is not the purpose or a requirement of the dips. Consider points 2, 3 and 4 when deciding how to dress.
  5. Ice Dippers is in its very nature a sensitive space with a special need for respecting each other's boundaries. Be respectful of others’ personal space and do not abuse Ice Dippers and all Groups & Forums that are associated with it as a dating platform. Do not send unsolicited messages to other members of the group.
  6. Do not use Ice Dippers and all Groups, Events & Forums that are associated with it as a political or marketing platform. All external links and events must be cleared with the Admins.
  7. Ice Dippers events are about getting out of your comfort zone with regards to the cold only. If anything or anyone else makes you feel uncomfortable, let the Admins and Dip Leaders know.
  8. Ice Dippers events are calm and meditative. Ice dips are not a competition, and everyone is here for their own reasons, with their own limits. Be respectful of other people’s experience.
  9. Ice Dips are not ice swimming events. If you choose to swim during an Ice Dippers event, you do so at your own risk.
  10. Any behaviour that goes against the Code of Conduct should be reported to the Admins or Dip Leaders as soon as possible (Currently Karolina Skomra, Jonas WInd, Jakob Neumann), who will address the issues or persons directly.
  11. Anyone violating the above stated code of conduct will have to face a written warning, exclusion from the group for a month or, depending on the seriousness of the offense, expulsion from the group and all its activities for good. The Ice Dippers Admins will consult which action to take against violations as a group.
Meditation in cold water