We are a community of crazy people based in Berlin, Germany. We believe in challenging ourselves, thereby strengthening our community and doing good to those in need. In wintertime we meet up every Saturday from 10-11am to go ice bathing together and collect donations to the homeless who suffer the most from the cold.

We first got together in the early winter of 2017 when the water was still 10°C warm. We continued to go ice bathing every Saturday, even when the outside temperature was way below -15°C and the water was covered in a thick shield of ice. We stopped when the water hit the 10°C mark again in late March, after 23 weekends of consecutive ice bathing. Over the whole winter, more than 500 individuals have joined and there were many regular participants.

The founders of the group are inspired by Wim Hof yet we do not see ourselves as a local WHM community. Many of our members are not actively practicing the method and do not want to be overly engaged with it. Still, the first fifteen minutes of our one hour long meet-up are dedicated to breathing exercises according to the Wim Hof Method.

We meet up from 10-11 am at the Eastside of the Plötzensee lake every Saturday from the last weekend of October through the last weekend of March.

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