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Meditation in cold water

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The Ice Dippers in Berlin is a wonderful, ever growing community of creative, driven, extravagant and somewhat manic pioneers. We distinguish ourselves from others because we keep challenging our boundaries. When others ask us about our weekend on Monday, we proudly tell them that we went ice bathing. And we laugh about ourselves for being so crazy. It feels good not having to do that on your own but to share that outsiderness with others.

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Challenge as a driver of personal growth

Ice bathing is not only transformative for your body but primarily for your mind. Stepping out of your comfort zone and staying in touch with nature on a regular basis has powerful effects on your psyche and overall well-being. Our ice dippers claim that after several sessions, they found themselves noticeably more relaxed, enjoyed a more restful sleep and overcame the winter blues with more ease.

Photograph by Chandu. Model: Julcsi.
Yin Yang ice dip in lake

We practice the Wim Hof Method: breathing exercise, cold exposure & meditation

We prepare ourselves with a controlled hyperventilation and some physical exercise. After the breathwork, we undress and line up to share a scream together, releasing any of the built-up nervous tension.

We go into the icy water and endure the cold as long as we can. The practice isn't timed nor is a competition. It’s about letting go and surrendering to nature. We just have one rule: Stay quiet for the people who are still in the water. Everyone is trying to push their mental and physical limits. That meditative peacefulness help us focus better.

After the ice bath, we have a tea and chat together while warming up. Everyone is so lit up and enthusiastic that this is an unparalleled group experience.

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Find a dipping partner in our different chat groups. Please respect the Covid-19 restrictions and exert caution when dipping, avoid putting your head underwater and stay close to the shore.

Ice Dippers in Wedding
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Join our Icedipping Challenge to help raise money & awareness for our good cause.

Ice Dippers is a socially engaged community committed to raise awareness to the suffering of the homeless. All the collected donations go to a selected number of homelessness charities in Berlin to help homeless people survive the harsh winter temperatures.

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