Social Cause

Imagine you do not have anywhere to go when it is cold outside. Imagine you live on the street and winter is coming. When in summer you can sleep in parks without a problem and your only worry is that overly engaged policemen or security guards will chase you away, in winter sleeping outside becomes a threat for life.

Homelessness is a horrible result of the functionings of our modern society. Trying to fight it means trying to fight the whole system that evokes it. It might be a noble goal to try to change the world in all its imperfections but for a beginning, more pragmatic approaches to homelessness are needed. If we cannot change the circumstances that force some people to live on the street, let us at least try and make this life safe and somewhat comfortable for them.

Every time we go ice bathing, donations are collected that go straight to an organisation that helps the homeless survive in wintertime, the Kältebus e.V.. In the winter of 2017/18 we collected 800€ which is arguably not a large sum but it is a start. Our ambition is to inspire more people all over the world to form ice bathing crews and support their local homeless people. Also, by shedding a light on this catastrophe that happens in front of our doors every winter, we hope to encourage more companies and private people to donate to organisations that support the homeless.

Want to donate? This is the bank account of the Kältehilfe that we send our donations to.

DE63 1002 0500 0003 1555 00
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

Icedippers is a socially engaged community committed to raise awareness to the suffering of the homeless. All the collected donations go to a selected number of homelessness charities in Berlin to help homeless people survive the harsh winter temperatures. Donate now!